2011 Yamaha VMAX Rider Road Star Brochure Catalog

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“Self-expression ” has two distinct definitions. The first: Combining engines, frames, colors and accessories to make a Star motorcycle unmistakably yours. The second way to express yourself? Twisting the throttle and riding from point A to point B. That’s why you can pick from thousands of custom options from our Star Parts and Accessories catalog and aftermarket support groups. And that’s why every Star Motorcycle is built to gratify that primal need to own whatever road you’re on. Star Motorcycles.

User Manual Free Download. Operator’s Motorcycle Cataolg Guide. Free Motorcycle Brochure and Catalogue Download PDF. Years covered by this manual: 2011.

We build it. You make it your own. THE ALL-NEW STRYKER. CRUISE MISSILE. The 2011 VMAX impresses–and intimidates– through brain as well as brawn, thanks to a major chip on its shoulder. That is, Yamaha’s YCC-T chip, which delivers immediate, soulquaking acceleration. Twist that throttle, and YCC-T provides a seamless blast of relentless power from off-idle all the way through the Max’s redline. But chips are just the starter course. With its devastating 16-valve, double -overhead cam, fuel-injected V4 powerplant, near bulletproof shaft final drive, antilock brakes and all its other top-shelf components sheathed in a wicked aluminum frame, the 2011 VMAX is a blunt object smart bomb blasted from a battleship cannon. VMAX Granite Gray · 1679cc of fuel-injected 65-degree V-four, controlled by advanced electronics, has the VMAX producing massive torque and horsepower. ·· The engine’s hybrid chain/gear cam-drive system allows a narrow valve angle, for a high compression ratio and increased combustion efficiency. Smooth, precise downshifts are part of the package, thanks to a hydraulically activated ramp-style slipper clutch. ·· · CHOPPER-INSPIRED. HARD-WIRED. Some like to build their own; some would rather ride. We’ve got you covered either way. If you want totally custom but would rather ride than wrench, have a · look at the Raider. The 113-cubic-inch fuel-injected V-twin engine that powers it takes a backseat to no V-twin when it comes to power and reliability. And the rest of the chopper-inspired Raider is pure Star, designed and engineered by the world’s best bike builders. Everything fits together, works together ·· and, most importantly, will stay together for years to come. Special triple clamps give the bike a radical rake while maintaining reasonable steering geometry that lets the Raider corner, stop and handle like nobody’s business. A light, strong aluminum frame and swingarm give it that custom rigid look, along · Eight valves, four-inch forged pistons, fuel injection: This engine is not just for show. ·· The tank-top instrument nacelle keeps you in the know. Those shiny dual exhausts contain an EXUP valve, for an even wider powerband. with a seat just over 27 inches off the deck–and a hidden rear shock with 3.5 inches of travel makes the Raider long-distance comfortable. Style. Performance. Attitude. You might as well have it all. Raider S Glacier Blue Raider S Raven Raider Reddish Copper `ROUND TOWN. `ROUND THE HEMISPHERE. Think all baggers are created equal? Think again. Whether you’re traveling cross-country or crosstown, the Stratoliner Deluxe is one of the most powerful and stylish ways to go. It features a big, distinctive, wind-shearing fairing complete with iPod® jack, highfidelity speakers and ultra-cool shorty windscreen; roomy color-matched locking, quick-release hard sidebags with handy one-touch openers and spacious storage; a powerful and beautiful fuel-injected 113-cubic-inch air-cooled pushrod V-twin engine to get you where you’re going in a hurry; a long and low aluminum frame for incredible handling; and distinctive neo-streamline design guaranteed to turn heads. Throw in a level of fit and finish that’s second to none and tons of available Custom Star Accessories that let you truly make it your own, and it’s easy to see why the Stratoliner Deluxe is in a class all its own. If you’re searching for the ultimate bagger, it’s time to bag everything else. · Sculpted, color-matched locking, quick-release hard sidebags provide ample storage ·· Highly stylish and functional fairing cockpit includes iPod® jack and powerful speakers Convenient, onetouch audio controls right where you need them.

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