2010 Yamaha Snowmobile FX Nytro RTX XTX Phazer RTX GT Apex GT LTX RS Vector Venture Viking Catalog

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SNOWMOBILES 10 Welcome to the 2010 Yamaha Snowmobile lineup! In 2010, we bring to the market four key new models and numerous refinements. That’s part of the Yamaha Advantage: the relentless pursuit of the perfect sled, whether on the trail or off. The new FX Nytro MTX SE 162 and Nytro MTX SE 153 models lead the charge up the hill. Both have been re-engineered radically to set them apart from any other sled on the snow today. They’re significantly lighter than the 2009 Nytro MTX 153 ­ the MTX SE 162 model is about 17 pounds lighter and the MTX SE is about 21 pounds lighter! That means awesome flotation and hill climbing ability, as much as 8 to 10 sled lengths on the hill.

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On the trail, the new fuel-injected RS Vector GT and RS Vector LTX GT redefine comfort, convenience, and performance in the trail cruising class. The Genesis 120FI engine and a new Mono Shock® II RA rear suspension reset the standard by which all trail sleds will be judged. We add new models to the lineup each year, but that doesn’t mean we leave the returning favorites untouched. Every year we go over the entire lineup with a fine-toothed comb to make small changes, based on your requests and advancements in available technology. This year, almost every model has been subtly improved to give you the best snowmobiling experience yet! So get down to your local Yamaha dealer–see the models for yourself and experience the Yamaha Advantage! Class Rough Trail Majority of riding on trail or in ditches. Seeks mild to large bumps for challenge. Competitive. Rides sitting or standing. 80 HP Phazer RTX® 120 HP 130 HP FX Nytro RTX® SE FX Nytro RTX® FX Nytro® 150 HP Crossover Spends majority of time riding anywhere there is snow. Equally at home on and off trail. Dedicated. Rides sitting or standing. FX Nytro XTXTM Mountain Majority of riding is off trail. S e e k s f re s h , d e e p p o w d e r, b i g hills or challenging technical areas. Adventurous. Rides primarily standing. Phazer MTX® FX Nytro MTX® SE 162 FX Nytro MTX® SE 153 FX Nytro MTX® Apex MTX® Trail Versatility Rides mostly on trail, whether rough or groomed. Some off-trail riding. Enthusiast. Rides sitting or standing. RS Vector LTX® GT Apex LTX® GT Apex LTX® Groomed Trail Rides marked and maintained trails. Enjoys high mileage trips as well as short rides. Experienced. Rides primarily sitting. Phazer® GT RS Vector® GT Apex GT® Apex® Touring Utility Rides marked and maintained trails.

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