2010 Yamaha Raptor 700R SE YFM7RZ YFM7RSEXZ ATV Owners Manual

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Model Year2010
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OWNER’S MANUAL YFM7RZ YFM7RSEZ WARNING This ATV should not be ridden by anyone under 16 years of age. LIT-11626-23-09 1AS-28199-10 EBU17092 Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. This manual should stay with this vehicle if it is sold. EBU17170 INTRODUCTION EBU17302 Congratulations on your purchase of the Yamaha YFM7RZ/YFM7RSEZ. This ATV represents the result of many years of Yamaha experience in the production of fine sporting, touring, and pacesetting racing machines.

User Manual Free Download. Operator’s Motorcycle Manual Guide PDF. Years covered by this manual: 2010.

Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. is expressly prohibited. Printed in Japan. P/N LIT-11626-23-09 EWB00011 WARNING Indicates a hazardous situation which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury. EBU17420 TABLE OF CONTENTS LOCATION OF THE WARNING AND SPECIFICATION LABELS 1-1 SAFETY INFORMATION 2-1 DESCRIPTION 3-1 Left view 3-1 Right view 3-1 Controls and instruments 3-2 INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 4-1 Main switch 4-1 Indicator lights and warning lights 4-2 Multi-function display 4-3 Handlebar switches 4-5 Throttle lever 4-6 Speed limiter .4-7 Clutch lever .4-7 Brake lever 4-8 Brake pedal .4-8 Parking brake lever .4-9 Shift pedal .4-10 Reverse knob “REV ” .4-10 Fuel tank cap 4-11 Fuel .4-11 Seat 4-13 Adjusting the front shock absorber assemblies 4-14 Adjusting the rear shock absorber assembly .4-19 PRE-OPERATION CHECKS 5-1 Fuel .5-3 Engine oil 5-3 Coolant .5-3 Front and rear brakes .5-3 Throttle lever .5-4 Drive chain 5-4 Tires 5-4 Chassis fasteners .5-6 Instruments, lights and switches .5-6 OPERATION 6-1 Starting the engine . 6-1 Operating the reverse knob and driving in reverse . 6-2 Shifting . 6-3 Engine break-in 6-5 Parking . 6-5 Parking on a slope . 6-6 Accessories and loading 6-7 RIDING YOUR ATV 7-1 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR ATV . 7-2 RIDE WITH CARE AND GOOD JUDGMENT 7-2 BE CAREFUL WHERE YOU RIDE . 7-9 TURNING YOUR ATV 7-12 CLIMBING UPHILL . 7-14 RIDING DOWNHILL 7-16 CROSSING A SLOPE . 7-18 CROSSING THROUGH SHALLOW WATER . 7-19 RIDING OVER ROUGH TERRAIN . 7-20 SLIDING AND SKIDDING . 7-21 WHAT TO DO IF. 7-22 WHAT TO DO. 7-22 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND ADJUSTMENT 8-1 Owner’s manual and tool kit .8-1 Periodic maintenance chart for the emission control system .8-3 General maintenance and lubrication chart 8-5 Removing and installing the panel 8-9 Checking the spark plug .8-9 Engine oil and oil filter element .8-12 Coolant .8-17 Cleaning the air filter element .8-20 Cleaning the spark arrester 8-24 Adjusting the engine idling speed .8-26 Adjusting the throttle cable free play .8-27 Valve clearance 8-27 Brakes .8-28 Checking the front and rear brake pads .8-28 Checking the brake fluid level .8-29 Changing the brake fluid .8-31 Checking the front brake lever free play .8-31 Checking the brake pedal position 8-32 Adjusting the parking brake free play .8-32 Brake light switches 8-33 Adjusting the clutch lever free play .8-34 Drive chain slack .8-35 Lubricating the drive chain 8-37 Checking and lubricating the cables 8-38 Checking and lubricating the brake and clutch levers . 8-38 Checking the shift pedal . 8-38 Checking and lubricating the brake pedal 8-39 Checking the wheel hub bearings 8-39 Lubricating the swingarm pivots . 8-39 Lubricating the rear suspension relay arm and connecting arm pivoting points 8-39 Lubricating the upper and lower arm pivots 8-40 Battery 8-41 Replacing a fuse 8-44 Replacing a headlight bulb . 8-46 Adjusting a headlight beam 8-47 Tail/brake light 8-48 Removing a wheel 8-48 Installing a wheel 8-48 Troubleshooting . 8-49 Troubleshooting charts . 8-50 CLEANING AND STORAGE 9-1 Cleaning . 9-1 Storage . 9-2 SPECIFICATIONS .10-1 CONSUMER INFORMATION .11-1 Identification numbers .11-1 Noise regulation 11-4 Maintenance record 11-5 YAMAHA MOTOR CORPORATION

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Publisher: www.yamaha-motor.com

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