2009 Yamaha Scooter Majesty Vino 125 Classic C3 Zuma 125 Catalog

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SCOOTERS 09 VINO CLASSIC 1 10 M P G MAJESTY 96 M P G 09 MOBILE THRONE It’s the next best thing to being chauffeured; all you do is hop aboard, twist the throttle and go. The Majesty’s powerful 395cc engine and full-automatic transmission do the rest, easily transporting you and a passenger just about anywhere within your domain (and pretty far outside it, too). Car-like convenience, comfort and a big, 3.7-gallon gas tank give the Majesty serious range at 50 mpg.* And a big windshield, plush seat for two and 16 gallons of locking storage beneath it complete the majestic picture.

Brochure Free Download. Operator’s Motorcycle Cataolg Guide. Free Motorcycle and Catalogue Download PDF. Years covered by this manual: 2009.

VINO CLASSIC VINO 125 LIVE A LITTLE Combine classic styling with modern engineering and you wind up with the Yamaha Vinos. Clean, reliable four-stroke engines power both scooters–124cc for the Vino 125, 49cc for the Vino Classic–and both start with the push of a button and get great mileage: 96 mpg for the Vino 125 and 110 mpg for the Vino Classic. Both feature fully * automatic transmissions and super low-maintenance drive systems. VINO 125 THINK ON TOP OF THE BOX That cube shape gives the C3 great storage capacity–about nine gallons–and it’s hard to beat a 49cc fuel-injected four-stroke engine that gets up to 115 miles on a single gallon of fuel.* Big wide tires, motorcycle-style fork and that zippy engine mean it’s a hoot to ride too.

Wikipedia’s page for Yamaha Motorcycles

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